What to expect

The sessions are designed to capture everything that you love about your pets.


You can choose your favourite location or couple of locations, if they are within a close range of each other, for the photo shoot. You might prefer:

*Your home

*The park

*The beach (depending on local restrictions)

* City locations

We’ll spend a couple of hours together, creating fun action shots, beautiful portraits and natural photos with your pets.

All pets are welcome regardless of age, temperament or breed. Every pet has something unique that can be transformed into a piece of art that can be cherished forever.

The session

We will spend some quality time spoiling your pet with treats, toys, and interesting places, they will have lots of fun! This will translate into stunning images of your favourite furry family member.

Usually the session will start with some action shots for our canine friends to help them burn some energy and get used to the camera. Depending on your pet we then move on to some more classic portraits and any special requests.

Of course if you’d like to have some family portraits that can also be arranged. The saying goes never work with animals or children, but I actually love working with both… together, to document some very special moments that will last a lifetime. Of course the results are often hilarious but this all adds to the fun when you sit down to enjoy your gallery.

Want to work with us?

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